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Mark Knopfler의 아홉번째 솔로 앨범.(2018년 발매)



Release date : 2018.11.16

Recorded at :

Produced by : Mark Knopfler




01. Trapper Man
02. Back On The Dance Floor
03. Nobody's Child
04. Just A Boy Away From Home
05. When You Leave
06. Good On You Son
07. My Bacon Roll
08. Nobody Does That
09. One Song At A Time
10. Floating Away
11. Slow Learner03. Nobody's Child
12. Heavy Up
13. Matchstick Man
14. Rear View Mirror [Bonus Track]
15. Pale Imitation [Bonus Track]
16. Every Heart In The Room [Bonus Track]
17. Don't Suck Me In [Bonus Track]
18. Sky And Water [Bonus Track]
19. Back In The Day [Bonus Track]
20. Drovers' Road [Bonus Track]



All songs written by Mark Knopfler


 * Mark Knopfler : guitars, vocals