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[공식홈페이지]새앨범 발매일 Mark Knopfler’s ‘Tracker’ coming March 16th/17th

:  gallug  작성일 : 2015-01-17 00:17:15  조회 : 3745 

Mark Knopfler’s ‘Tracker’ coming March 16th/17th

Mark Knopfler’s eighth studio album, Tracker, will be released on March 16, 2015 (March 17 in North America). The album features 11 new songs inspired by a wide range of subjects including Beryl Bainbridge and Basil Bunting. The songs contain Mark’s usual wryly but accurately observed vignettes of real life wrapped up in a musical accompaniment of distinctive subtlety.

Tracker will be available on CD, double vinyl, deluxe CD with four bonus tracks, and a lavish box set that will include the album on both CD and vinyl with a bonus CD featuring six extra tracks, a DVD with an exclusive short film directed by Henrik Hansen and an interview with Mark where he talks about the new record. Sleeve notes have been specially written by acclaimed US author Richard Ford and it also contains a numbered art print and six photographic prints.

Mark said:

“The album title ‘Tracker’ arrived out of me trying to find my way over the decades. Out of me tracking time – looking at people, places and things from my past, and out of the process of tracking as in recording tracks in the studio.”

See below for the official track-listing and click here to listen to the first single, “Beryl”. Keep an eye on your inbox in the coming weeks for MarkKnopfler.com pre-order information.

1. Laughs and Jokes and Drinks and Smokes
2. Basil
3. River Towns
4. Skydiver
5. Mighty Man
6. Broken Bones
7. Long Cool Girl
8. Lights of Taormina
9. Silver Eagle
10. Beryl
11. Wherever I Go (featuring Ruth Moody)

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